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75 Video Marketing Statistics to Know for 2022

video marketing statistics

Video marketing statistics have been a breakout trend for more than a decade now. The rise in social media usage has contributed to the increase in the consumption of video content. As more people get drawn toward videos, marketers try to find new ways to make them more engaging. Video marketing has countless benefits that […]

11 Common SEO Mistakes (That Even Gurus Make Every Day)

avpid the following seo mistakes

Google is the leading source of referral traffic. Website SEO (search engine optimization) guarantees increased visibility and top rankings on SERPs (Search engine results pages). But, despite all this, there are several common SEO mistakes that pros make every day. SEO involves off-page optimizations, meta tags, and keywords, amongst other tips and tricks. It is […]

5 Essential Steps towards Effective Marketing Automation


The goal of every enterprise is to increase its efficiency, revenue, and productivity through a powerful marketing team. And when you have an effective marketing automation strategy in place, you’ll be able to streamline your operations and realize your goals. Marketing automation steps allow you to automate all the repetitive marketing tasks of the business. […]

How CRM WordPress Integration Impacts Your Business


As an entrepreneur, you are tasked with building lasting relationships with your customers. To achieve this, you need a strong CRM WordPress integration to help you understand their needs and deliver personalized services that will set you apart. Optimizing customer relationships will help grow your business. Customers are happy when they know that you value […]

How to Develop a Powerful Email Marketing Strategy from Scratch


Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that involve sending emails to customers and prospects. Marketers use it to expand their audience base, drive conversions, and increase revenue. Before you optimize your campaign, you have to ensure you have an excellent email marketing strategy in place. To achieve your overall marketing […]

Top 5 Best Marketing Strategies for Instagram

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become increasingly popular, and nearly every social media agency in New York uses this platform. Do you ever think, “Well, I enjoy scrolling through my Instagram feed, but I’m not sure if Instagram can work for my business too?” So, If you want to boost your product popularity […]