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Make Your Manhattan Business Known with Google My Business SEO Services

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Manhattan is home to a vast array of businesses, from small stores to large corporations. If you own a business in Manhattan, it’s important to ensure your business stands out. You may already have created a Google My Business profile to get more visibility on local searches. But you need to know that one of the most effective ways to do this is through Google My Business SEO services.

In this article, we’ll understand how Google My Business SEO services will help your business get more attraction. 

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google or Bing. It helps businesses increase online visibility, attract customers, and grow. 

With Google My Business, businesses can create a listing that appears in Google search results, Google Maps, and Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Google My Business Features

You can gain access to several valuable features by registering a Google My Business account and activating or claiming your listing, such as:

a) Customizing Profiles

There are several options for customizing listings on Google My Business. For instance, you can display your logo to ensure your audience recognizes it when they come across your company. Provide contact details if you have a service area.

 The more attractive your profile is, the more probable you will outperform the competition.

b) Provides URLs

You can more easily direct visitors to your Google My Business page using these shortened URLs in marketing materials and commercials.

c) Photos

Clients can learn more about your business while looking at the photographs you upload and promote.

d) Schedule an appointment

Customers may schedule an appointment within a minute if you have a Google My Business page.

e) Q&A

Include a question-and-answer section within your listing. This allows engines to comprehend what you do and offers information to users with questions.

f) Review Control

Collect feedback, interact with fans, address problems, and express customer gratitude.

How Does Google Determine Local Ranking?

Google uses many elements to decide where a business should appear in local search results. 

The three most crucial elements are prominence, distance, and relevance. They play a role in search engine rankings because they help users find the most relevant results for their local query.


How close are the search results to the location? Google will provide relevant results based on where it believes the searcher is located if the query contains the phrase “near me” or does not specify a location.


How well do suggested search results correspond to the user’s intended target? If you want to be found by people who are actively looking for what your business offers, it’s imperative that your GMB listing contains thoughtful and accurate information.


How reputable is the business, both online and offline? A business’s search engine ranking improves when its brand or physical address becomes more well-known.

How many and what kind of reviews are there for the business? What information does your website contain that is useful to the neighborhood? Do you have a lot of photographs on your GMB profile?

The Key Metrics You Track Through Google Metric Business Profile

Where Customer Can Find You

This GMB Insights metric will be crucial in assisting you in tracking your progress if you’re seriously seeking to increase traffic to your business.

Knowing where Google users find you will enable you to determine where most prospective clients are viewing your listing (Google Search and Maps).

When examining the quarterly chart, the graph arrangement lets you see weekly ups and downs and seasonal fluctuations.

Ensure you routinely review this metric when using marketing tactics to increase exposure.

Search Term Query

One of the most valuable features of Google My Business Insights is the Search Queries metric, which shows you exactly what people are typing into a search engine to find your business.

You may optimize your posting strategy for the queries bringing you the most traffic by identifying the most frequent terms or phrases for which your listing appears.

Also, you may utilize this data to generate fresh keyword suggestions for articles uploaded on your website or directory.

Since keywords vary on a weekly basis, we strongly advise keeping a close check on this metric for the best results.

Customer Behavior

The Customer Actions section of Google My Business Insights provides one of the most significant analytics, displaying how visitors engage with your listing.

This indicator will record the total number of times a consumer interacts with your listing, including any clicks to your website, phone calls, or direct messages you receive.

This statistic is significant because it allows you to monitor the actions that are most significant to you.

Phone Calls

With Google My Business Insights, the Phone Calls metric provides further insight into customer phone interactions beyond what is provided by the Customer Actions indicator.

You can quickly determine which days are busier and slower by using the default graphic and dividing it by weekdays.

This information lets you determine the optimal days for limited-time discounts and marketing promotions by showing you when clients are actively searching for your products or services.

The Phone Calls metric provides even more granularity by letting you examine call volume across multiple time zones.

When you combine the data from the time of day and days of the week charts, you have a good notion of when clients can contact your company.

How Customers Can Find Your Listing

The total number of potential consumers who discovered your listing during the specified time is displayed in this Google My Business Insights measure.

This figure is divided into three categories to understand better how your customer finds you. Direct searches happen when a prospective client looks up your company’s name or address.

The next category is branded searches, which refers to visitors who discovered your listing while looking for a brand you might connect to your company. The last option is discovery searches.

These are general queries for a class of goods or services that your company provides. Monitor the progress of your listing over time by keeping an eye on this metric.

Image Views

The Picture Views metric may seem insignificant, but it’s very useful. The number of times your images have been seen during the specified period is displayed in this area of the Google My Business Insights page.

With the use of this data, you can determine whether or not customers are clicking on your photos. Also, you can decide whether or not to separate images shared by you from those taken by your clients. 

The most clicked-on image may be posted by a client, which can help you understand what your audience finds most interesting.

Why Is Google My Business Important for Local SEO

Increase Traffic and Sales

Owning a Google My Business is the best digital marketing strategy to increase traffic to your site, as many local searches resulting into purchases.

Consequently, consumers are more likely to visit your website to discover more about you when they search for the goods or services your company provides.

They’ll be more inclined to take action if you provide compelling high quality services, a landing page, and clear calls to action. 

Boost Visibility and Search Ranking

you can boost your company’s online presence and search engine rankings with the help of a Google My Business SEO checklist.

Google advertising comes first, followed by Google’s local 3 pack, and finally, the organic results when a potential customer types keywords relating to your company’s goods and services.

You have a better chance of appearing in the top 3 local results on Google Maps and local searches by setting up a Google My Business profile, increasing your business’s visibility and lead generation.

Improves Client Engagement and Support

As previously mentioned, having a Google My Business profile will allow you to handle both positive and negative criticism and promptly answer queries and comments about your goods and services.

Also, it allows you to showcase what your business offer. Clients are more likely to do business with companies they can easily reach, so having access to your shared information makes it simpler for them to call you with a query or a complaint.

Get the Best Google My Business SEO Services in Manhattan

You must optimize your Google My Business listing if you’re seeking ways to attract clients to your local business in Manhattan and boost conversion rates.

Nonetheless, given the abundance of options, it’s ideal for collaborate with SEO experts that can offer smart Local SEO services.

Our specialists at Sleek Web Design are familiar with managing Google business pages. They can package your business information to maximize your use of Google My Business and its features. Within no time, your business will start attracting customers and making conversions. 


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