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5 Tips for Choosing the Best SEO Company NYC

Tips for Choosing the Best SEO Company NYC
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Both startups and established companies choose to work with the best SEO Company in NYC rather than do it in-house. The reasons for this choice are clear: it’s affordable and SEO is better left in the hands of an experienced team of experts.

However, if you typed a term like the best SEO company in NYC, you’re likely to come across many companies that may confuse you. Should you settle for the first 10 results only? Well, that may not be the right approach.

Here are tips to help you choose a reputable New York SEO company:

1. Define your SEO goals

To find the right experts for your job, you should first, figure out the areas of internet marketing SEO you need to improve on. Some of the goals may be to boost leads, increase exposure, refine your on-page SEO, and increase conversions, just to mention a few.

Best SEO Company in NYC

While these goals look great, you should move a step further to provide definite values that define success. For example, what is the number of unique visitors per month you’re looking for? What exact number do you think is going to justify your ROI? If you aren’t sure about the goals, then get someone to perform a digital analysis. Reputable SEO agencies can do this for free and send you a report with areas that you need to focus on. Sometimes the recommendations may involve tweaking your website.

Remember, though, search engine optimization won’t give you results overnight. For the most part, it’s a gradual process that needs ongoing effort. To achieve your goals, you should have a crystal clear roadmap created with plausible KPIs to help you succeed. Without this roadmap, even the best SEO company in NYC may find it a bit difficult to assist you.

2. Gauge the portfolio

If you go through the website of a New York SEO agency, you’re likely to come across several case studies and businesses they’ve worked with before. While some clients may want to remain private for some reason, most don’t have a problem with placing their links on the website of an SEO company. After all, that’s free publicity, right? However, if the website doesn’t have a list of clients or perhaps a sign they’ve done business with actual companies, it may be a red flag.

By looking at the portfolio of a New York SEO agency, you’ll understand the types of businesses they handle. It’s important that you look for partners with previous experience handling companies in your niche. For example, if you’re a dentist, you may want to go with an agency that has worked with other dental clinics.

It shows the agency is experienced in your industry and knows its way around making things work. On the other hand, if the company’s portfolio spans several industries, then it’s a good sign that shows the agency is versatile and ready to adapt.

3. Conduct a thorough background check

A good New York SEO company has testimonials on its website, and when you go through these testimonials, they are likely to be stories of success. While these are typically good for reference purposes, you need to dig slightly more to make a good judgment.

The testimonials you want to read are those from an average client. What experience did they go through with the company? If possible, try to contact at least three businesses that used the services of the agency. Other than asking about the outcome of their association with the company, you may want to find out what their day-to-day interactions felt like.

If you would like to get more specific and detailed information, call the agency to request case studies or submit an online form they can fill out. It’s a smart way to find out what the company is capable of.

4. Schedule a consultation

Whether you’re thousands of miles or a block away from the company, consider asking for a consultation. Often, the SEO firm NYC will conduct some research on your niche and put together a couple of strategies they’ve used on previous clients. A consultation can help you know more about the people on their team as well as their degree of creativity and passion.

Building a trusting relationship with the firm is paramount, so use this chance to see how well you can become good business partners. Do you get what they are explaining? How do you find their attitude? Are they trying to oversell? Do they seem passionate about their job? It’s at this time that you can also ask specific questions.

5. Define your budget

Before you find yourself paying for a service that’s beyond your budget, you should plan out the budget beforehand. So, be sure to ask about price ranges and budget deals early on to confirm if their service is within the price range you set. When the time for choosing a package deal comes, check back on your original goals to figure out which package will help you achieve your goal.

Final thoughts

When looking for the best SEO company in NYC, selecting the right company is essential. This is because the partnership will be long-term, and so you should be certain of who you intend to do business with. Also, remember, not all SEO agencies or content marketing companies live up to all of their promises of better rankings, more traffic, and more leads. Therefore, steer clear of any New York SEO agency that promises any of the following:

  1. Doubled traffic
    2. Overnight rankings
    3. Search engine submissions
    4. Instant leads
    5. X amount of backlinks
    6. Specific ROI projections

If you’re looking for such promises, you can find them. However, you may regret it later on after you discover the results are far from what you’d signed for.

If you settle for a certain SEO firm in NYC, ensure you evaluate your search strategies every 6 to 12 months. The reason is search engines continue to shift, morph and become more intricate. And so, if you intend to succeed for the long haul, you should change as well.


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