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For local businesses, promoting your company on Google Places has become even more crucial. What it takes to advertise your website on Google Places is something our staff is well-versed in. Rankings in local maps on Google, Yahoo, and Bing may bring you even more traffic, new customers, and revenue. It is our expertise to help your website rank high in the local locations section for your niche and geographic region. With Google Places Optimization, we can assist your business.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo Place Optimization!

Google, Bing, and Yahoo Place Optimization
Google, Bing, and Yahoo Place Optimization

We can get your company listed, found, on maps, and get more customers.

Recent Updates

Google has switched from the 7 pack to the Snack Pack, which consists of three entries in the local maps. In light of this development, it is even more vital to work with a firm that appreciates the value of Google Local Maps. However, obtaining a 3-pack listing for your big keyword phrases is becoming increasingly tough, but it is also becoming increasingly rewarding. Consult Majestic Warrior to learn more about the local map optimization choices available to you.

Why Sleek Web Designs for Google Maps Optimization?

  • Searches for local businesses make up 90% of all searches on Google!
  • 69 percent of customers look for local businesses on the internet at least six times per year.
  • Having your business listed for a certain keyword on Google Maps can increase traffic and phone calls.
  • To begin with, 60 percent of searches are conducted on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Customers look for local companies more than once each month, according to 53% of customers.
  • Searches for local businesses, services, products, and information account for more than half of all Google searches made on a smartphone.
  • As a result of local searches, 50% of mobile users visit stores within one day.
  • At the top of the page, right below the advertisements, is a list of maps.

Our Google Maps Optimization Service

Our Google Maps Optimization Service
Our Google Maps Optimization Service

Majestic Warrior knows how important it is for your business to be included in local business directories. With our help, you can optimize your present listings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Map search. As a result of this, there are several things you can do to improve your local map placement. Citations, on-page optimization, strong local SEO, brand marketing, links to your citations, directories, and social signals are the factors that influence your local map rank. In addition, your SEO (search engine optimization) program will assist you in obtaining a local map listing. As a result of our local search engine optimization initiatives, Local SEO and Local Maps Optimization now operate hand in hand.

Our Recommended Places for Optimization

  • On-Page Optimization that works
  • Citations with Backlinks
  • Local SEO that works well.
  • Publications
  • High-Quality Backlinks to Your Website
  • Assembling Citations.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Links from other websites
  • Syndication of content

All of these are tools we utilize to make your map listings stand out from the rest of the crowd. Some of our more complex methods are reserved for clients that engage Majestic Warrior to handle their local and map SEO needs, though. Let us handle your local marketing efforts and help you stand out from the competition.

Reporting and monitoring performance snapshots for 5 clients on our platform are shown below. Over 62 client-specific search phrases have been ranked in Google Maps by our team. When it comes to our clientele, we’re solely interested in tracking the most important keyword phrases (We are not tracking branded keywords or variation keywords). As a consequence of our technology, these customers are also ranking in local maps for a variety of target main keyword variants. In addition, some businesses are very competitive in terms of cars, legal, catering, and home renovation. Our technology can help you get on the maps and increase traffic and phone calls to your website. Result-driven, our reports, tracking, and results are always delivered on time and within budget.

For a local business, the internet is a costly place to advertise. Social networking, paid advertising, site design. All of this adds up very quickly.

Lucky for you, there’s still a small bit of the internet that’s still inexpensive, and it’s probably driving the majority of your clients to your door right now. You may use Google Maps to find your way around.

Professional Assistance for Your Local Company

Advanced Local SEO Service
Advanced Local SEO Service

Every week, Sleek Web Designs will make the following Google Maps SEO changes to help you develop your business through various Google My Business optimization techniques, and they’re all included in your monthly membership.

Weekly Photo Updates

Find out more about how your profile will be updated every week with a fresh optimal photo

Monthly Reports

Get more specific information regarding the success of your GMB listing.

Call Tracking in GMB

Your GMB listing will log all phone calls so you can see your return on investment (ROI). Find out more

Google Posts Every Week

We’ll update new material to your GMB listing every week.


With media-rich text messages, you can reach people where they are already right now. Find out more

Review Responses

We will react to all Google reviews, whether they are positive or negative. Find out more

Local Citations

Every listing in your local phone book will be updated with current information. Find out more


Check out your Google My Business map pack ranking. Find out more

Sleek Web Designs FAQ’s 

Google My Business Management Service for Local SEO - Sleek Web Designs
Local SEO – Sleek Web Designs

Why do I need Sleek Web Designs if I have to Google My Business?

As a free and useful service, Google My Company still demands your time and skill in Google Maps to improve your business listings for more exposure, increased business development, and better ranking on Google, among other things. All aspects of Google My Business optimization are taken care of by SWD, so you can concentrate your time on attracting new consumers.

How much does Google My Business cost?

Google My Business is a free service that you may use. To boost your company’s listings and attract more consumers, you may want to consider using Sleek Web Designs to enhance your business listings. You can begin at any moment.

Bring in new customers now.

What’s included with Sleek Web Designs?

Photos, Posts, Reviews, Google Q&A, and the GMB Products & Services area are all included in Sleek Web Designs’ continuous local GMB optimization. In addition, it has the finest Call Tracking in the industry as well as a Citations tool, which guarantees that your listings are constantly correct across more than 50 directories. Local SEO is a powerful tool when it comes to this mix of qualities. Additionally, Sleek Web Designs has a US-based account management staff that ensures consistent execution for every client, and every area, week after week. Essentially, it’s a “done-for-you” solution.

Does Sleek Web Designs work outside of New York? 

Yeah! New Zealand and Australia are among the countries we presently assist. Other nations are not supported at this time.

What is the amount for Sleek Web Designs?

The price with Sleek Web Designs is straightforward. A fixed monthly fee is charged for each GMB listing that uses Sleek Web Designs. Discounts are available for listings with numerous locations. Charges for excessive usage of Call Tracking and/or SMS Campaigns are the only other conceivable charges. In the United States, anything over these amounts incurs a $0.03 per minute and/or $0.04 per message charge. Our price page has further information.

How is Sleek Web Designs different from other Google Maps marketing services?

In addition to its ease of use, Sleek Web Designs stands out from other Google Maps Marketing solutions due to its inexpensive cost and some other factors:

  • After joining up, all you have to do is add Sleek Web Designs as a manager to your Google My Business account, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • In no other tool can you determine your return on investment based on the last twelve months of your GMB history.
  • Aside from Google My Business, there’s no other solution that can optimize and publish images like ours, and photographs are perhaps the most essential part of your Google My Business page.
  • You don’t have to do anything since Sleek Web Designs will do it for you.
  • No other solution allows you to plan your Google Posts so that they are sent consistently every week.
  • Every GMB listing we’ve seen takes about 18 hours of labor per month to be effectively optimized.
  • GMB optimization is not possible with any other tool without your input.
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