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Get the Best WordPress Hosting For Your Site Reviews

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Strong technologies, award-winning support, and an ecosystem of collaborators and creators that power the website unify our platform. That is you need to get the best WordPress Hosting for your site.

The WordPress Digital Experience Platform.

WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for Better User Experience
The WordPress Digital Experience Platform

Build experiences, not the platform to power them.

To drive more innovative agility, the WP Engine framework equips you with a suite of site-building and management resources, cloud storage, and security technologies to allow business performance and optimization tools to give you ongoing knowledge. Together with the WordPress REST API, our APIs, and various tools for tech partner integration, we set you up to build some interactive WordPress experience to move the company forward faster.

We believe in the power of open-source technology.

To deliver progress at a quicker rate than any based on closed, proprietary platforms, our platform leverages over 30 open source technologies.

Founded on the world’s leading CMS: WordPress.

WordPress is an open platform that helps you configure the CMS for your organization rather than customize the CMS for your company.

There are plenty of cheap hosts who have good service available. But what if you’re looking for more of a performance-oriented concierge program? You’ll want to carry out our WP Engine analysis for WordPress in that situation.

WP Engine is a web host unique to WordPress, which provides managed services entirely tailored for the website. Of note, WP Engine’s plans aren’t exactly inexpensive as opposed to many other WordPress hosts. Therefore, before making a purchase, you’ll want to know if this hosting service is worth the cost.

We’re going to do a comprehensive WP Engine analysis for WordPress to help you out. We’re going to talk about its main attributes, service choices, efficiency capabilities, and everything else you need to hear. Let’s start now!

WP Engine review for WordPress – specific features

WP Engine Review
WP Engine Review

Managed hosting is a choice worth exploring if you want to ensure that your website is configured, stable, and quick-loaded without doing a lot of work yourself. WP Engine is one of the big names when it comes to managed hosting for WordPress.

Its service includes quite a few features unique to WordPress, including:

  • Quick and clear transfers from your old host.
  • A free certificate for Stable Socket Layers (SSL), which is an essential measure of security.
  • Help to set up sites for staging.
  • Lots of tools for success monitoring and diagnosis.

Support options 

Plans for WP Engine provide plenty of support. You will be granted access, whether by phone, e-mail, or live chat, to dedicated support 24 hours a day. When you have signed up, service options are readily available from your web portal. 

We checked the live chat for the support personnel: We did a field drive: 

Agents replied easily, helpfully, and seemed to know the platform. Without hassle, you may answer our questions. There is also a resources center and a robust knowledge base with many well-written materials and tutorials for more assistance and learning. 


The features and support are essential, but what makes or breaks a web host is efficiency. Fortunately, WP Engine provides various efficiency upgrades, such as: 

  • A free option, included in all flights, for Content Distribution Network (CDN). 
  • A consistency solution that checks and enhances the web. 
  • A GeoTarget add-on to customize your website for those areas. 

Moreover, WP Engine has multiple server pages. We’re not going to mention them all (19), but data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia are included. 

All this can mean exceptional success in the real world. Let’s see if this is the case! 

Page speed tests with Pingdom 

We have developed a simple site for our next WP Engine Analysis and tested its load speeds with Pingdom tools from different places worldwide. For the next step, Our findings are here: 

  • NYC: 1.61 seconds 
  • Classic: 1.58 seconds. 
  • San Jose: 0.272 sec. 
  • Stokholm: 1.60 sec. 

These moments are surprisingly constant (except San Jose, which is the clear stand-out). It isn’t amazing for 1,6 seconds, but a good pace is below the all-important two-second mark. 

Page speed tests with Load Impact 

It is often intelligent to use several instruments to test results. We have used Load Impact to model many simultaneous users’ effects on our WP Engine. What we have here: 

  • Ashburn, USA Load Generator: 
  • Ann Arbor, USA Test Server: 
  • Response Time: 0.51 seconds minimum 
  • Response time: 0.59 seconds overall 

This graph indicates that the load times for the research site are consistent with the growing number of visitors (blue line) (green line). This is nice because it ensures that the page is only readily loaded for the first user when it is loaded for the fiftieth visitor at a time. 


WP Engine provides only one form of service – controlled WordPress hosting – but it also offers a range of level plans. These proposals vary significantly in the number of services they provide and the number of websites on which they are accountable. 

Let’s quickly go through any intended WP Engine: 

  • Startup ($30 a month): You get help for up to 25,000 visits a month, one page, 10GB of data, and 50GB of bandwidth on this entrance level rate. A SSL license, global CDN access, and a variety of other main features can also be accessed. 
  • Development ($115 a month): this package raises to 100,000 your traffic help and gives you 10 pages. You can have 24-hour phone service and will import your own SSL certificates in addition to additional services. 
  • Scale ($290 a month): This amount is almost the same as the last one. It literally offers even more services, can count up to 30, and allows up to 400,000 visits per month. 
  • Premium and company: custom schedules, so rates differ. You will get a lot of services and support and switch the hosting to dedicated servers from a community setup. 

These plans are not inexpensive, but they provide plenty of features and space to expand your site 

Overall pros and cons of WPEngine WordPress Hosting

Let us sum up this hosting company’s key pros and cons for the last step of our WP Engine analysis for WordPress. 


  • Well-optimized for consumers of WordPress. 
  • Simplifies the website maintenance process. 
  • Provides robust performance, predictable. 
  • Provides a lot of expert and committed assistance. 


  • Won’t suit the budget at all. 
  • Only supervised hosting on popular servers is available (or dedicated servers on the custom plans). 

Alternatives to WP Engine hosting 

If you have a reasonable budget, WP Engine is a great hosting option. But it’s pretty pricey (especially on the higher tiers). 

If you want WP Engine in principle, but it’s not just your price range, you should try out some alternatives. SiteGround is a decent provider for WordPress specific, for example, and DreamHost provides inexpensive supervised hosting. See our full article on alternatives to WP Engine for more information. 


Plans from WP Engine don’t come cheap – no sugar-coating. However, in return for your contribution, you can have a premium controlled hosting facility. This provider provides many critical features, high efficiency, and consistent support of WordPress. It is worth asking whether WP Engine suits your budget. 


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