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7 Free WordPress CDNs to Speed Up Your Site Performance

Reviews of the 7 Best Free CDN for WordPress
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Are you looking for free WordPress CDNs? Do you want the loading time of your website to be faster? Read on. You’re at the correct spot if the response is yes.

The term “content delivery network” is used. By making your content load more quickly for visitors, you may improve the speed of your WordPress website. It adds additional servers to your website and serves information to visitors from the closest server. Thus, the website loads quicker.

Although CDNs are quite helpful, most of their services are compensated. Another option is that some top-notch web hosting firms incorporate it as part of their plan. Getting a CDN, though, may seem burdensome if your finances are low.

But do not fret. Fortunately, some CDN providers are free for WordPress websites. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top free WordPress CDNs providers. Let’s investigate them!

What exactly is CDN?

A group of network servers dispersed over the globe in various areas makes up a content delivery network. Depending on the user’s location, they deliver static resources tailored to that area of your website.

A WordPress page is dynamically loaded based on what a user clicks on your website. But a dynamic WordPress page will also have certain static elements like javascript, pictures, etc. To lessen the strain on the hosting server when a user makes a request on your website, a content delivery network assists in storing and providing copies of these static resources.

Your hosting server will typically be housed in a single location. Serving every user request from one place during periods of high traffic might slow down page loading times. The content delivery network might choose to offer static files from a server closer to the user since it is dispersed over many locations. The majority of CMS software suppliers provide a built-in CDN solution to manage your online content if you’re using their software. However, you may need to utilize a specific CDN provider for WordPress.

Why Use a Free CDN for WordPress?

Typically, a new website has only one point of origin. And that’s OK when you’re just getting started and don’t have many guests. The amount of time it takes for your website to load would likewise rise as it expands (i.e., as your traffic increases).

In general, people dislike waiting for websites. The effect is most pronounced on websites that allow for online purchases, where a one-second delay in loading time increased revenue by $6,000,000 USD (six million).This was taken from the excellent CachePoint post, The Very Real Performance Impact on Revenue.

We have a CDN because of this. By providing the material from the server nearest to the visitor, it expedites the delivery of the content. You succeed, and your loading time is cut down.

Reviews of the 7 Best Free CDNs for WordPress

If you are worried about incurring any more costs while managing your WordPress site, there are a number of free WordPress CDNs providers that you may utilize

1. CloudFlare CDN.

The free WordPress CDNs services offered by Cloudflare to small websites is its most well-known feature. However, keep in mind that their free plan has limited DDoS protection and lacks some of the features of their commercial plans.

WordPress users may easily install the Cloudflare CDN. It automatically caches static information and has a massive network of servers that are dispersed across the world. Clearing cache and keeping track of performance are both simple tasks using Cloudflare’s admin interface.

Additionally, they provide an “I’m under assault” mode. As it analyzes the traffic and directs people to your website after a short period of time on a security page,

2. CommonWP

For open source CSS and Javascript files, CommonWP, a WordPress plugin, employs a free, public CDN (through JsDelivr). The majority of the files used by WordPress sites are open source, so this plugin increases performance by distributing them from a single place.

Although developers may make some adjustments to suit their requirements, there are no options for users to alter with this plugin. Once active, the plugin requires just installation before filling up its cache.

Since CommonWP utilizes JsDelivr, customers also have the advantages of no bandwidth restrictions, increased security, hundreds of points of presence throughout the world, and a network with a working ICP license, meaning websites will function in China.

A new site owner with a tight budget looking for a straightforward yet secure CDN solution might benefit from this CDN service.

3. LiteSpeed Cache

Another free CDN option for your website is LiteSpeed Cache. It has an image optimization tool, caches your pages automatically, and minifies your CSS, JS, and HTML code to speed up the loading of your website.

Additionally, utilizing its server network, you may slow load pictures, iframes, CSS, and JavaScript so that just the most crucial code appears on the end user’s side.

For established website owners who are managing a WordPress multisite or an online shop, this CDN solution is a fantastic choice. The well-liked e-commerce plugin WooCommerce is compatible with this plugin. It’s crucial to use caution while installing this WordPress plugin since certain cache plugins might affect the operation of other plugins.

4. Optimole.

free WordPress CDNs

To increase the speed at which your site loads, Optimole is a plugin that makes it simple to serve high-quality pictures that are suitably scaled for all devices. If they are not optimized, images and videos may often cause page load times to increase. By fully automating this procedure, Optimole removes all uncertainty.

Optimole technically isn’t a CDN, but they provide their users with free access to the AWS CloudFront CDN, giving their customers two options in one. CouldFront’s international server locations are accessible at both free and premium levels.

Although this is a fantastic tool for picture enhancement, it cannot shield against DDoS and cyberattacks. Security-conscious individuals may want to think about enhancing another service.

Websites that have a lot of images and website owners searching for CDN services and image optimization are suitable candidates for this CDN solution. Large graphics might significantly slow down the loading of your website. Optimole automates this procedure to take care of this issue.

5. Shift8 CDN.

A CDN plugin called Shift8 CDN uses its extensive server network to distribute your website’s content. While installing the plugin via WordPress and signing up on their website might be difficult, it’s one of the best solutions on our list since it makes their server location public.

Your site’s reach is increased by Shift8 CDN’s constant addition of additional endpoints. Their network of servers houses all static assets, including the code, font files, photos, and videos on your website.

This CDN solution is best suited for: established website owners who monitor their WordPress traffic and are aware of the top source countries for visitors. You may take it into consideration and be sure that users in the area will have a flawless experience since this plugin broadcasts the locations of its servers.

6. The Jetpack Site Accelerator

Because they provide both a personal (free plan) and a premium service, which gives many additional advantages, this is another service that we’ve already highlighted previously. You can be confident that this is one of the top WordPress CDN services available since it is operated by Automattic, the company that runs

The Site Accelerator feature of Jetpack’s plugin helps WordPress sites load more quickly by enabling Jetpack to optimize and host your static assets (including CSS and JavaScript) and pictures from their extensive network of servers.

7. Total Cache W3

Free WordPress CDNs

As a cache plugin, W3 Total Cache provides a CDN service. It allowed your media library and theme files to load from remote servers while integrating with them.

You may support websites that are protected using a secure socket layer (SSL) and accelerated mobile pages (AMPs). Additionally, you have access to a number of caching methods, including local disk, Memcached, Redis, APCu, XCache, WinCache, and eAccelerator.

If there are particular problems or features you need to check into or fix, the support staff offers swift and active assistance, so you may expect a response within a few days.

Website owners that are searching for a unified solution and have an established website are best suited for this service. Additionally, it preserves your settings. W3 Total Cache does not, however, emphasize its CDN service. But since it includes comprehensive caching and tools for code minification, it speeds up your website in a number of ways.


Does WordPress have a CDN?

Now that you know all the wonderful advantages of using a WordPress CDN, you can use one. It will guarantee that your media loads more quickly all over the world, lower your TTFB, and significantly lessen the load on your servers and bandwidth costs. Additionally, quicker website loads could result in higher rankings.

How do I incorporate CDN into my WordPress site?

CDN integration for WordPress

  1. Make a pull zone first.
  2. Open the WordPress administration dashboard.
  3. Access the CDN Enabler configuration page.
  4. Update the Zone Alias or Zone URL in the CDN Hostname option to be your (e.g.,
  5. Press “Validate Configuration” after selecting “Save Changes.”

Is the WordPress Jetpack CDN free?

To optimize and transport your pictures and static resources like CSS and JavaScript, Jetpack includes a free Content Delivery Network (CDN).

How can I configure a free CDN for WordPress?

Observe these simple, step-by-step directions.

  • Register with Cloudflare and add your website. First, go to the Cloudflare site and choose the Sign-Up link at the very top of the page…
  • Updating Your Domain Name Servers and Selecting a Plan in Step 2.
  • Check Your Cloudflare Security Preferences in Step 3.

For WordPress, which free CDN is the best?

AmazonOne’s CloudFrontof the finest CDN alternatives for your WordPress website is Amazon CloudFront. It enables visitors to quickly access material thanks to integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your website will load quickly thanks to the caching of videos, photos, APIs, data, and website stylesheets.

Use a Free CDN to Speed up Your WordPress site
Use a CDN to Speed up Your WordPress site

Enjoy Superfast Sites with this Free CDN for WordPress.

That brings us to a stop. We did our best to compile a list of the top free CDN providers for WordPress sites in this post. I hope you enjoyed it!

You may greatly increase the number of visitors to your website with the use of these free WordPress CDNs. maintain improved security as well. The most important website guideline is to manage your site badly. Don’t let your guests go too quickly. Use a CDN for it, for sure.

Cloudflare is the finest and most dependable free alternative for managing all of your static files, including spreadsheets and JS files. With Cloudflare, CDN setup is now free. You may go to the commercial version of your site as it becomes more popular. or choose other paid services.


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