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Best Web Hosting for WordPress Reviews 2022

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When searching for a Website hosting service, many WordPress users go directly to the most common web hosts – while others do extensive analysis and end up with smaller yet more oriented providers. However, one host is barely available in both communities – so let’s make adjustments with our A2 Hosting WordPress review! 

Although not well-known, due to its rapid pace and great support, A2 Hosting is a bit of a name for itself. However, it’s typically better to take this kind of detail with salt when web hosts and their arguments until you have yourself checked the solution. 

With this in mind, we have tested A2 Hosting so rigorously that we can see how it plays with WordPress and what it truly helps and speeds. Let’s start with our WordPress A2 Hosting Analysis! 

A2 Hosting review for WordPress – specific features

Web Hosting for WordPress

As a user of WordPress, any web host you deem should standardize. Due to the huge success of web hosting WordPress, hosts can provide unique user-oriented functionality – the A2 Hosting does not deceive: 

  • Optimized installation for WordPress: A2 Hosting provides optimized installation for WordPress to improve speed and stability. This encourages you to concentrate without regard for results on increasing your web. 
  • Quick loading sites: The biggest argument for this provider is its velocity. Faster websites lower bounce rates, so visitors are certainly a positive thing. Later, we will talk about performance in depth, so continue to learn. 

We’re ready for a good beginning until now! Let’s continue to see how A2 Hosting fares help its customers. 

Support options 

We heard positive news about the customer service of A2 Hosting, so we were excited to try it first hand. We looked at their documents before we ventured into diving. They have more than 40 WordPress products in their knowledge base, including Google Analytics and WordPress command-line administration. 

We have checked one of the support agents for A2 Hosting with the live chat feature (although they can also take emails and phone calls). We waited a mere 20 seconds after clicking on the Live Chat button until an agent was assigned to us. We then went to them with a couple of fundamental questions: 

The talk went well, and our agent presented us with a couple of good ideas for critical WordPress plugins. That’s precisely what we needed. 

Performance when hosting WordPress

Raw efficiency is one of the principal factors in selecting web hosting for WordPress. The key features provided by A2 Hosting for the enhancement of user performance are: 

  • Solid State Drives (SDDs): SSDs are available from all of your WordPress plans that reduce load speed around the board. 
  • Turbo mode: Some of their (more costly) plans include an exclusive Turbo feature, which claims to significantly shorten loading times. 

In addition, A2 Hosting provides data centers in three locations: 

  • Michigan. 
  • Amsterdam. 
  • Singapore. 

In this respect, though, any web host promises to deliver speeds and technologies of the bleeding speeds – so these should not be considered. Let’s measure ourselves to see how A2 Hosting works. 

Page speed tests with Pingdom 

Web Hosting for WordPress

We have used a naked WordPress platform without any changes after the installation for this test. Then we checked how easily our web we had loaded our website here separate Pingdom servers to get better results in many places: 

  • Melbourne: 2.24 seconds. 
  • New York: 480 milliseconds. 
  • Stockholm: 911 milliseconds. 

We began the Australian test approximately, but then we recovered. Overall, these are some positive findings – let’s see if our server is stressed! 

Page speed tests with Load Impact 

Load Impact helps us to measure the efficiency of any single site under moderate stress. We set it to simulate 25 concurrent users, one by one, for five minutes. The conclusions are as follows: 

  • Load generatorAshburn, US. 
  • Test serverChicago, US. 
  • Minimum response time230.83 milliseconds. 
  • Maximum response time289.49 milliseconds. 

After we saw the previous test results in New York, we had to confess – these reaction times were a shock! It is quite a feat to load a website in less than 0,3 seconds and much better for a loaded website. It is safe to say that when it comes to speeds, A2 Hosting delivers. 

Pricing for Web Hosting

A2 Hosting provides three common, WordPress-oriented hosting programs: 

  1. Lite: This scheme supports a single Web-Site of up to five databases (starting at $3.92 per month) but provides unrestricted capacity and bandwidth. It is great for users who don’t need multiple sites support. 
  2. Swift: offers unrestricted websites and libraries (starting at $4.90 a month). It also has unrestricted volume and transmitting limits. For power users with many websites, it is the best solution. 
  3. Turbo (starting at $9.31 a month): the Turbo package shares both its Swift equivalent bells and whistles, but also the Turbo Technologies provided by A2 Hosting. It is designed for consumers who have to shave off page loading speeds per millisecond. 

You can recall from the previous segment that A2 Hosting’s websites load very quickly – and without access to their Turbo settings. At this time, we will suggest that we conform to either the Lite or Swift plans – based on how many places you have to host. Of course, you will not try this functionality on your own. 

Overall pros and cons for hosting WordPress sites

This A2 hosting analysis for WordPress is almost done, so let’s take a minute to restore the good and evil we have so far found. 


  • Speeds ridiculously rapid. This is one of the quickest web hosts we saw, in the length of time. 
  • A full WordPress user knowledge base. 
  • A friendly and fast-acting support staff who knows everything about WordPress. 
  • Services of free migration. 


  • Their rates are marginally higher than other shared hosting plans at other tiers. Then again, if you pay for extended stretches in advance, you can obtain some decent offers. 
A2 Hosting review for WordPress – The Specific Features

Final thoughts on A2 Hosting for WordPress

How critical it is to choose the best web hosting for WordPress is difficult to overestimate. After all, the wrong one could sink your web because of a lack of proper help and shoddy facilities. That said, not one of these red flags found here, is our A2 Hosting Analysis for WordPress. The competitive rates and fast speeds make them a decent choice for users of WordPress! 

Irrespective of our study, comparing and contrasting hosts according to your criteria is still a smart idea. 


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