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Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services

Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services
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If you need Web Design and WordPress Development services from a known expert, whether as a business or as part of an enterprise, there are a variety of other Inter-Linked services you might order from Sleek Web Designs.

It will boost the income we receive from the average customer by adding more resources, which means you can make more money from fewer customers. As one of our customers, we would also benefit from getting a single point of contact with a range of services rather than locating and employing multiple practitioners.

Of course, expanding the business and providing further facilities has its pitfalls. Since it’s generally smart to concentrate on a few items, we certainly won’t provide any additional service imaginably.

Even if web design is our primary concern, adding a couple of these additional resources to your project will help you increase profitability without spreading ourselves too thin.

Let’s take a look at some of the relevant programs we may be able to provide. Our knowledge and skills will play a part in the Inter-Linked programs we want to provide.

Inter-Linked Web Design Services

Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services
Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services


Any company requires a logo, and many of our web design clients would need the services of a logo designer. If we’re designing a new website for a startup, we’ll almost definitely need a logo. If we’re redesigning a website for a customer who already has a company, now could be a good time to suggest that they update their brand name with a new logo.

We may bundle the two services together or sell each service separately since logo design and web design go hand in hand.

Another reason we think of providing logo design as a service is because it can be very profitable, but for skilled persons.


Although logo design services are interlinked with graphic design, we could also design business cards, brochures and marketing materials, labels, and other products for our customers.

Clients who employ us to design a website can benefit from any of these extra resources, and we could also bundle them together in bundles that include a website, logo, brochures, and other products.

WP Plugins


The bulk of our web design clients will participate in some advertisements, and they do not have the capital to design such advertisements in-house. That may be internet banner ads, magazine advertisements, banners, or some other form of Inter-Linked commercial services.

Other Services Inter-Linked to Web Development

Other Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services
Other Inter-Linked Web Design & WordPress Development Services


Clients who pay us to design a website are almost guaranteed to request Inter-Linked services in the future. Even if the website is designed with a content management system (such as WordPress) that allows the customer to incorporate and maintain content on their own, some maintenance may be expected at some point.

Minor style or interface updates, new parts of the website, or any information that the customer cannot manage on their own with a CMS are examples of this maintenance.

There are a few different ways we can provide continuing maintenance to our clients. We could bill clients with any value they need on an hourly basis or build a plan and charge a monthly retainer. For instance, the contract might include a monthly flat fee that entitles the customer to certain benefits, such as priority assistance and a certain number of service hours per month.

Offering repairs as part of a kit can be a smart move because it ensures a steady stream of profits, bringing predictability to an otherwise unreliable source of income.

Clients will benefit from maintenance contracts because they will know how much they can pay for ongoing costs relating to their website, and they will know that we will be here to help them anytime they need it.


Our web design clients would need hosting, which is among the Inter-Linked services we provide. Best of all, hosting generates recurring monthly income, which can arise if we attract more customers.

We don’t need to buy and maintain our servers to provide web hosting to our customers. We will conveniently obtain a reseller hosting account, which will allow us to provide hosting to our customers without handling the information ourselves.

Before we provide hosting to our customers, we think about how much time it would take to provide service. We examine the specifics of the reseller hosting packages we’re considering to see whether we’d be in charge of all customer support for our customers. We will want to move on and miss this service if it is not worth our time. Part of this can be determined by how much we can ask for the hosting facility.

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To begin with, WordPress is a commonly used content management system that creates a significant number of new websites. WordPress powers 34% of the internet, according to figures, and that figure is growing.

Furthermore, WordPress is an excellent CMS for many small to medium-sized companies, and everybody appreciates how cost-effective it is. However, WordPress users are expected to run into certain problems that would necessitate some assistance. The disadvantage of a free CMS is that having assistance and care can be difficult. A free support platform is open, but finding answers to our questions there is hit or miss. Many customers choose to see someone else do the job for them rather than wasting hours scouring forums for answers.

Delivering Inter-Linked WordPress services may be similar to providing ongoing website maintenance. With the exception that we’re relying solely on WordPress (and so identifying ourselves as a WordPress expert). As we mentioned earlier one could pay for this WordPress service hourly or as part of a monthly contract.


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