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Conversion Rate Optimization – 10 Strategies for Your Business

conversion rate optimization strategies
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Every entrepreneur strives to improve their website’s conversion rates. To experience e-commerce growth, you have to generate new ideas and conversion rate optimization strategies to help boost elements that drive leads and conversions.

Achieving excellent conversion rate optimization results requires some effort and the right tools and strategies.

Conversions can occur in different areas of your site, including blog content, landing pages, homepage, pricing pages, and more.

That’s why your website should be responsive enough to turn visitors into loyal, paying customers.

But before we delve deeper into conversion rate optimization strategies, let’s understand their importance first.

Why CRO is Important

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) lets you get value from website visitors. It is the most cost-efficient way to improve user experience, grow customer retention, boost web traffic and increase business ROI.

Defining Conversion Rate Optimization

When you optimize your conversion rate, your revenue per visitor increases too. This means there will be more customers and more revenue for the company.

That said and done, let’s explore the various conversion rate optimization strategies to use for your business.

CRO Strategies that Boost Business Growth

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?
Conversion Rate Optimization

1.   Declutter Your Website

People will visit and stay longer on a website that is easy to navigate and clear without too much distraction.

When your site pulls visitors in many directions, they’ll get tired and leave.

To find distracting elements on your site, monitor user behavior. Know what they aren’t using or clicking on and remove it to make the page simpler and more navigable. This will improve conversion rates.

Make your landing page concise, with relevant information that your visitors need to know.

Improve these areas for best results;

  • Combine your visuals with context to show people what you are offering
  • Have videos, and social proof
  • Benefits and features
  • Headlines and subheadings
  • Reviews and testimonials

The idea here is to eliminate any distractions and allow visitors to focus on what you’re offering them.

2. Have a Strong CTA Copy

A strong CTA copy can make conversion rates go up. Avoid generic CTAs like “Start trial” or “Sign Up,” which may not appeal to your visitors.

Instead, use a CTA that starts with “Yes.” Something like this: “Yes, I want my discount.” Or “Yes, I want to join.” Such CTAs are psychologically appealing because they paint your offer positively.

This formula works way better than generic CTA copies. Experiment with different CTA buttons and copy and you’ll soon know the one that gets more clicks and use it. Use tools like heatmaps to understand why users don’t click your CTAs. This will help you work on improving your CTA copy.

3. Add Pop-Ups to Your Website

A study by Sumo revealed that the average conversion rate for pop-ups is 3.09%. And you can hit 10% if you do things the right way. With 10% of pop-ups, you have an average of 9.28% conversion rate.

Imagine how a single change can elevate your conversion rate. It is worth the effort and works on every website.

Add Pop-Ups to Your Website
Using Pop-Ups on Your Website

To get high conversion rates from pop-ups;

  • Set a cookie that allows a pop-up to appear once per user
  • Let the pop-up have a 30-second delay timer to keep them from being so annoying
  • Try a few offers like different products, PDFs, premium content, and other freebies until you find the winner you can feel immediately
  • Make the pop-up close easily

Doing this will minimize/eliminate complaints and boost your conversions. Your visitors will be happy, and you’ll reap all the benefits.

4. Include Live Chat on Your Site

Most people may want to purchase your services but remain on the fence.

This is because they are clouded with doubts or questions that prevent them from leaping.

A live chat boxes may be what they need to get their questions answered and their doubts cleared.

It’s easy to add live chat on your site and watch as your conversions rise.

5. Get Your Headlines A/B Tested

Your headline can either benefit or break your landing page. Using the wrong approach may cause your web visitors to avoid reading content to the end. They’ll click the back button and move away, never to come back.

Copyblogger’s study reveals that, on average, eight out of ten web users read a headline copy. But only two people out of the ten will keep reading to the end. The remaining eight will not go past the headline.

To prevent this, you need to A/B test your headlines. Experiment with different variables, including the tone, length, use of numbers, and statistics, to ensure you have excellent headlines that motivate the reader to keep reading the rest of the content and take appropriate action.

6. Minimize Bounce and Exit Rates

Another critical CRO strategy involves analyzing and understanding your site’s bounce and exit rates. A high bounce and exit rate index only means that your site is not as engaging as it should be.

When users lack engagement towards your products and website, your bounce and exit rates will be high. It’s probably because the site is challenging to use or navigate. A user survey will help you to understand the reason and implement a strategy to remedy it.

Or probably the device they’re using to navigate your site is the reason for high bounce and exit rates. Like what We are Social discovered, 46% of web users surf the internet on their mobile devices.

You can’t ignore your site’s mobile experience. This will highly impact your website and your whole business.

7. Use Explainer Videos to Generate Leads

Video content is an excellent engagement tool you can use on your website to keep visitors involved in your brand story. They help convey value propositions effectively and offer a robust way to narrate your brand story and build lasting relationships with prospects and customers.

With videos, you can spread your value proposition through each marketing funnel. Since you have only eight seconds to capture user attention, you have to make sure your hosting is fast.

Curate engaging content using videos to explain products and help people learn more about your brand. Let your videos capture their attention and push them towards purchasing your products.

8. Leverage Retargeting

Retargeting helps you win back prospects who’ve visited your site. Leverage this method to re-engage those who left your website. This strategy will track your web visitors and send them ads to re-engage them after leaving a different page.

Retargeting is effective when used on people who’ve visited high-converting pages. Since they didn’t purchase their first visit, you’ll send them appealing offers using interactive images and systematically crafted copies to persuade them to return. It will be easy to convert them after this.

9. Optimize Your Site’s Conversion Funnel

A website conversion funnel has four parts, including awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion.

These portions help you decide on four things, namely:

  • How to nurture prospect’s interest through engagement
  • How to develop brand awareness
  • Steps to take to compel visitors to consider your offerings
  • What you can do to convert them into loyal customers

For a conversion funnel to work, you should identify what is working and conduct an analysis. Then run tests on every phase of the funnel.

The test results will indicate the techniques working for you and those that don’t work to your interest. From here, you can tweak your working tactics to improve conversions and make those that don’t work start converting.

10. Use Lead Capture Forms

A lead capture form can highly influence your conversion rate. The tool can help you determine a lead from a non-lead.

Use Lead Capture Forms to win More Leads Online
Lead Capture Forms

There are several lead capture tools to help you streamline your process. From creating and converting landing pages to including customer names and logos and FAQs, you can use tools like Leadformly, Single Grain, and Unbounce to accomplish your goals. More tools include Wordstream, Zendesk, and Square.

Leadformly lets you create landing pages for campaigns. Single Grain will have you include the names and logos of your valued clients in the lead capture form. This will increase your brand’s credibility.

Unbounce guides you to create and present frequently asked questions (FAQs) alongside your lead form to eliminate doubts concerning products or services. The questions will answer trivial concerns from customers who still harbor doubts about products or your brand.

To Sum Up

Your e-commerce will only grow if it has conversion rate optimization. Make CRO a priority as it helps to improve every aspect of your product, sales, and marketing. With each improvement in your CRO, there’s a potential for tremendous growth. So make the most out of these strategies and remember, consistency is key.


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