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10 Signs Your Business Website Needs an Urgent Redesign

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A website is a business portal for your online audience. As you know, the online platform is ever-changing, so you cannot afford to have an outdated website; otherwise, you will lose touch with your audience. So, if notice signs your business website needs an urgent redesign, reach out to a professional web design company in New York.

Constant changes in website designs, functionality, and development trends explain why you need to redesign your website every 3 to 5 years. Your website conveys the first impression of your business to your online customers and competitors. Search engines are also keen on the functional aspects, such as load speed, to determine your ranking.

An outdated website has a negative impact on your marketing efforts. Before you embark on your website redesign, identify the goals you want to achieve. Contact a web design company from New York for outstanding website redesigns. Here are ten signs your business website needs a redesign

1. Undesirable Analytics Performance

signs your business website needs redesign
source: Pexels

Analytics provides a comprehensive report on the performance of your website. Data on new users, bounce back rate, traffic sources, and page views, amongst others, inform your visitors’ actions on your site.

Analytics reports help you to understand if you are achieving your objectives or not. Website audits reveal areas where you need to improve. It can highlight broken links (internal and external) and other errors that affect user experience. Also, search engines consider the number of broken links on your site when ranking.

Check analytics reports against your objective to determine if you are meeting your expectations. If the bounce rate or exits are high, consider redesigning your site’s content or navigational elements. A high bounce rate shows that your online visitors are not enjoying the content on your site. The content may be outdated or different from what they want.

Rely on Google analytics reports to inform your website redesign or work with a web design company from New York.

2. Need to Highlight Changes

Your website should reflect your current products, services, objectives, logo, and team. For tremendous changes such as the inception of new products/services, change in the company logo, or certification or award, highlight the changes on your homepage.

When the business is young, some people choose to concentrate on content that creates awareness. However, as the business grows, you may focus on content that leads visitors to your products/services.

A website redesign captures the changes, achievements, and developments.

3. The Website has Security Issues

Updating your website’s server, code, patches, and operating system keep hackers and viruses away. Website security is so important that even Google requires all websites to have the SSL certificate installed. Google ranks websites without the certification lower in search results.

The online audience never gives their details on insecure websites. Google puts an exclamation mark next to the URL if the site has not installed the SSL certificate.  Web hosting companies provide free SSL certificates. A web design agency from New York can install the certificate for you.

4. Outdated Content

redesigning your business
Source : Pexels

Outdated content displays a negative image to your audience. The copyright date is a small but powerful feature of your website. If you forget to update it, your audience might assume that the rest of the content is also irrelevant and outdated.

As you redesign your site, consider using a content management system (CMS) to make it easy to update your website. With a CMS, you update your site even without any knowledge of programming languages or HTML.

5. Unappealing Design

The old website designs are unappealing, and they portray a bad image of your business. Besides, the designs have limitations in terms of functionality, and this affects user experience.

Modern designs are neat, easy to navigate, and appealing. When choosing a website design, consider one that aligns with your business. There are website designs for photography businesses, eCommerce sites, and blogging sites, amongst others. Choose a design depending on your niche.

6. Mobile-Friendly Website

New phone releases come with varying screen sizes—changes in screen size influence how your website displays. If your site is mobile irresponsive, it will perform poorly and look unappealing to your online audience. Mobile search is on the rise, so if your site does not respond to all devices, you will lose potential customers.

Small font size is illegible on mobile devices, and too many videos affect your site’s loading time on mobile devices. A mobile responsive site increases engagement, and it improves user experience and searches engine rankings.

7. Poor Search Visibility

All websites share a common goal: they all want to be visible to their target audience. The competition for visibility is stiff, and there is no way you can rank high with an outdated website design. Remember, your target audience will not find you if you rank poorly.

Headers, metadata, body content, and image tags all contribute to page ranking. Schema markup and social media tags improve visibility beyond search engines.

Advanced content management systems make it easy for crawlers to scan your site, improving your site rankings. If you are uncertain of the CMS to use, contact a web design agency from New York to help you select and install the best system. 

8. Undesirable User Experience

Source: Pexels

Website visitors want quick results, easy navigation, and access to helpful information with ease. If your site loads slowly, the visitors abandon it and move to a faster site. If this is the case with your site, your bounce-back rate will soon be on the rise, and you will lose potential clients.

A website redesign can lead to improved load speed. Use the Google PageSpeed tool for auditing your site for load speed. Fix the highlighted issues.

9. For the sake of competition

A website is part of your branding. The message, tone, logo, images, and content should be unique to your business. The branding on your site influences your image on forums and social media platforms. So, an outdated website taints your image among your clients and competitors.

For a successful website redesign, check out what your competitors are doing and identify gaps in their sites. Identify the functions and features that your audience can enjoy and make you stand out among your competitors.

10. Embarrassing Website

Yes, you read it right. If you are not proud of your site, then it is time you redesigned it. Do you direct people to your site freely? Are you happy with the design and content on the site? Well, if not, it is time for a redesign.   

Concluding Thoughts

A business website should market your business, increase sales, and build your brand. If it is not helping you to achieve your objectives, consider a website redesign. Focus on increasing functionality and improving the appearance of your site for your website redesign.


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