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6 SEO Content Writing Services for Traffic Growth

How to Write Content That’s Optimized for Both Search Engines and Readers
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Today, people find solutions for their daily challenges by searching the web. As a business, being found online and offering relevant help is essential in establishing your authority. SEO writing services in New York help you craft strategies that improve your online visibility. The plan relies on quality content and relevant keywords to improve the user experience for your prospects.

Search engines collect data on how online users interact with websites to determine which sites to rank high. Although search engines want optimized content, they are interested in the content that humans like. In short, search engines are interested in what others think about your site. Website visitor’s behavior reveals what they think about your site. That is why search engines rely on backlinks, page views, bounce back rates, etc., when ranking websites. The aspects determine if the website visitors are satisfied with the content. If the bounce-back rate is high, it means the content does not meet the user intent.

Google, Bing, and other search engines depend on keywords to send people to your site. The more people come to your site, the more it draws attention to Google and other search engines. If the engagement rate is good, the search engines rank your site favorably.

Writing for Search Engines

Keywords are essential for ranking high, but you must know where to position them when doing SEO writing. Add keywords in the following places:

  • Page title
  • Body of the post or page (three times of the exact keyword, not a variation)
  • URL
  • Heading
  • Image text (image alt attributes and image file names)

Writing for search engines does not guarantee an increased engagement rate for your content. You must balance writing content that search engines like(and rank high) and humans love(and engages with it positively.)

Here are tips to help you write content that pleases the target audience and search engines:

1.      Provide Unique Content

Duplicate content performs poorly so, how do you write content that others have touched on before? Consider looking at the content from a new perspective while using relevant keywords. A new perspective will draw new readers and leads to new discussions.

What is the Importance of Unique Content in Seo? - Merehead
SEO + Content

Sometimes focusing on a new perspective means basing your writing on strong and bold opinions. Bold opinions are not always celebrated, so be ready for rejection and criticism.

In most cases, the content draws strong feedback: either strongly support or disagree. Most people who write bold posts understand and have a passion for the topics.

Fortunately, most readers like, comment, link on, and share the content encourage engagement.

2.      Know Your Keywords

When looking for keywords, consider the user intent of your prospects, and use long-tail keywords. Let us consider ‘pediatric orthodontics near me and ‘pediatric orthodontics tools.’ The first keyword suits a patient who needs care, and it is appropriate content for a dental clinic blog post—however, pediatric orthodontics tools post focus on information that benefits the practitioner.

Keyword Research: 8 KEY Steps to Find the Best SEO Keywords
SEO – Know Your Keywords

Assuming the two keywords are not competitive and have a high search volume, your content objectives determine the keyword to use.

Long-tail keywords are specific so, if you use the right keyword, your content will have a high engagement rate. Also, it will rank high as search engines will love it. Do you need help in identifying the right keywords to use? Reach out to SEO services in New York.

3.      Loyalty to Rules

A few years ago, keyword stuffing was not an offense. Google was so keen on keyword density as a requirement for higher ranking. Today, keyword stuffing leads to penalties from Google, such as low ranking.

For search engines to keep providing relevant search results, they update their algorithms frequently. So, you need to know what works today and how to implement it. There are SEO tools that you can use to check your content against search engine requirements. New York SEO writing experts have the latest SEO updates, so you can be sure your content will align with SEO requirements when you hire them. 

Actionable Insights | swd
SEO – Actionable Insights

4.      Actionable Insights

Do you know why people are confident with Google? Because they find solutions for their issues. Content that makes tasks easier or shows how to do something new attracts traffic.

The content might focus on a new solution or explain the answer more deeply. Anyone who needs the solution will find the content helpful as it is actionable. Such information is like a blueprint from someone who has figured out how to do something that gives you a challenging time.

Online users love ‘how-to’ content, and it ranks high on search engines. This is because people want strategies to complete tasks within the shortest time and with the highest accuracy.

Quality internal and external links increase the credibility of your content. When you source your content from reliable and authoritative sites, the information is accurate, and readers love it. Also, your readers enjoy additional information when they click on the quality links.

When authoritative sites link to your website, search engines award your site with a better ranking.

The value of Backlinks Explained

6.      Create a Pool of Loyal Followers

Remember, your content needs to create a positive impact for it to have a high engagement rate. So, even if your content is well optimized, you require your readers to comment, share, and like it to become viral.  However, the posts must be optimized, unique, informative, and relevant to your audience. 

Share new posts on your social media platforms. The more your followers engage with it, the higher the chance it will rank well on search engines.

Social media marketing is cost-effective, increases reach, generated leads, develops loyal fans, increases traffic, provides analytics for better marketing, and improves search rankings. Talk to a New York SEO writing expert for you to get the most out of social media marketing.


Keywords draw people to your site, but the quality of the content determines the engagement rate. If you focus on writing for the search engines, you most likely miss out on the content’s quality. However, quality content involves the right amount and well-positioned keywords. As long as your readers love your content, the search engines will love it too. However, you must make sure your posts are relevant and accessible to your target audience.


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