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Improve your client’s local SEO results and bring more people to their front door by including information about their actual location in Google. According to the world’s best search specialists, local business citations are one of the top six local SEO ranking factors for both local pack listings and localized search results. As a result, they improve both search engine exposure and foot traffic for your client’s location.


When your customer requests an update, wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to report that?

  • Enhance your clients’ local search visibility by using actual places.
  • If we find anything suspicious, we’ll contact you to double-check the information you’ve supplied.
  • Increase foot traffic to brick-and-mortar businesses and other physical venues such as pubs, showrooms, and service providers.
  • Citations from Sleek Web Designs are triple-checked for correctness and coherence.
  • Using a reliable and effective local citation service will improve your reputation and credibility in the community.
  • The generation of local citations is quick and precise, and they are focused on their local area. They are also delivered internationally.
  • Take advantage of our time and experience, and free up your staff to focus on your core competencies.

Local Citation Services

Local citations, as defined by Moz, are any online references to a local business’s name, address, and phone number. Local citation services are often known as company listing services.

The Importance & Benefits of Local Citations

Having local citations may both help people find local companies on the Internet and influence their search engine results. Local companies may actively monitor a large number of citations to verify the accuracy of the data. Local citation construction has several advantages, as follows:

  • Local search engine results are influenced by factors such as the number of citations, the quality of the data, and the legitimacy of the platforms on which they reside.
  • You have complete control over how your business is portrayed on the internet thanks to Local Citations.
  • Quality local citations aid in the discovery of your company by potential consumers. By doing this, you’ll get more visitors both online and on your property.
  • Improved company reputation and brand visibility.
  • Local citations are less expensive than other forms of promotion, including pay-per-click (PPC) (Pay Per Click).

How it works

100% Manual Submissions.

Once your purchase has been received, a member of our production team will examine your company’s information and begin the submission process for your document. We’ll do our best to fulfill the majority of your order’s submissions to directories in the targeted country.

Full Submission Report

Checking your submission report on your dashboard allows you to see every directory we’ve submitted to. Live lists and images of contributions will be included in your white-label, unbranded report.

There are no duplicates.

To prevent duplication, members of our production staff will search local directories. To improve the accuracy of your NAP, if your previous listing is incorrect, we’ll generate a new one using the updated information you’ve provided to us.


  • Set yourself apart from the competition by creating outstanding company listings.
  • Make a list of citations that are most relevant to your business.
  • We’ll be there for you the entire time.
  • Recover damaged data and make certain that NAP is accurate.
  • Focus on the most influential citations and take advantage of any opportunities to get them.
  • Don’t let your searchers get baffled by duplicates by removing them.
  • Create citations that will last forever, saving you time by not having to keep them updated.
  • Increase your audience by utilizing the finest, most affordable aggregators.


For companies of all sizes and sectors, having a strong local presence is more crucial than ever. It’s also been more difficult than it’s ever been to become well-known in your community. It’s easy to use Sleek Web Designs’ local citation building service for your clients while harnessing the power of the local.


In an online directory, 7 out of 10 local customers say they would quit doing business with a local company because of false information. You don’t want your agency to be the cause of your clients’ loss of leads and sales.

Citations do not all have the same value. To construct the most advantageous citations for your local clientele, we employ a wealth of data and years of experience, concentrating on the location and industry.


Sleek Web Designs works as an extension of your organization’s staff to provide results. We adhere to your deadlines by providing a rapid, effective, and dependable service that allows you to satisfy your clients and fulfill your campaign promises.


Citations have a purpose other than to appease the search engine algorithm. They aim to improve local exposure for greater internet traffic and improved foot traffic.

We’ll search our database for relevant citation sites, make a priority list, and then get to work.


A local citation is a list of relevant details regarding local companies. NAP stands for Name-Address-Phone number, and it is a common acronym.

Citations must include these three components: the source, date, and page number. However, some sources go into further depth. Additional data, such as hours of operation, a website URL, and an email address, may be provided to local customers searching for a local business or service provider.

Although it seems little, maintaining complete uniformity is critical. This information might be found by the consumers of your client on Facebook. For example, they may discover it through a newspaper event listing or an internet directory listing.

The last thing you, or our client, want is for a local customer to be unable to locate the place and drive away to spend their money with a rival instead.

Local citations are also a type of SEO currency. If you have a large number of them, a search engine will be more confident in the information you’re providing.

As a result, your small business may rise in the local standings. As a result, your website traffic report will show considerably larger figures.

  • From Fluency
  • Your NAP or other info must be uniform and correct throughout the web.
  • Business hours, a website, and an email address are also recommended.
  • Online directories, social media, event listings, and media reports are all places where a local company listing might be included.
  • Web content that focuses on results can convert surfers into customers.

Why do you need a citation service to build citations for your clients?

Building citations takes a lot of time. Local Citation construction is a time-consuming process, so let our citation creation professionals do it for you.

Our local SEO experts have a wealth of knowledge and resources at their fingertips, including local and worldwide company directories and reference sources.

By maximizing the utilization of our resources, we can assist you in doing the same as yours. Adding citations to your local SEO and marketing strategies makes good economic sense for both you and your customers.

Your local SEO operations will benefit greatly from having this tiny but powerful tidbit of information in your website’s meta description.


We are frequently asked how to enhance local SEO listings. One of our solutions is to employ a citation construction service to add a steady supply of correct citations.

This isn’t just because we enjoy creating citations (although we do!). Citations have been regarded as a ranking element in local SEO for some years now. They can have an impact on the distribution of the local pack.


The creation of data is another incentive to use local citations in your SEO arsenal. Google, on the other hand, adores information! More citations equal greater notoriety.

You’re letting search engines know that your firm is well-known and busy. In addition, you’re providing an abundance of information drawn from a variety of sources.


Why? A business’s credibility and authenticity can be determined by citations in search engine results. An entry in a business or municipal directory, or a reference in a news source online, can’t be fabricated. With each new mention, a search engine increases the trustworthiness of that firm (and thus, may rank it higher).


Do you want to get more points? The more citations you generate, the simpler it will be for your client to be found online.

Local citations are used by local customers to locate local companies. If you require your client’s approval, use the following statistics in your pitch:

  • Local customers are 68% more likely to discontinue doing business with a business if the citation information was inaccurate.
  • If they can’t find the proper address online, 40% of people will give up their search for a local business.

Getting the greatest outcomes for your customers involves making the most of every chance to get them to convert. Our local citation creation service delivers on your promises by creating correct citations for local customers to call, visit and buy.

Client campaigns will have a higher return on investment if local business owners are happier.

  • You have the look of an SEO rock star without having to hire expensive new employees or spend many hours combing through citations.
  • Improved rankings, more visitors, and increased sales
  • To create the most relevant local citations, we draw on years of citation-building experience and our data.
  • Your client’s physical location is easier to discover for customers, resulting in more foot traffic.
  • Your client’s local search results improve, and they appear more frequently in Google searches as a result.

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Out-of-date or inaccurate company listings can significantly hurt your local search ranking. Your local search campaign does not want poor data, such as an erroneous phone number or an out-of-date address, to propagate online.

Let our data aggregator service’s citation specialists put a stop to the incorrect information before it even gets started. We’ll remove stale data and assist disseminate correct information across the search ecosystem.

We cooperate with three data aggregators: Foursquare, Neustar Localeze, and Acxiom.

Online directories, for example, can use the information they collect on businesses from all across the web.

Using these citation aggregators to generate performance gains in your local search campaigns is easy if you examine your client’s citation information, clear up any incorrect data, and then share it with them.


Manual checks

We manually check each aggregator’s NAP data for missing citations and outdated information.

Perform a thorough clean-up.

Our citation specialists thoroughly clean your citation data to ensure its correctness and consistency—two factors that are critical in local search.

Remove dupes.

By removing duplicate listings, we ensure that they won’t come back to bother you.

Citation optimization

When we find missing facts or missed chances in citations, we complete the citations and send them to the aggregators.

Yext Replacement Service

Looking for a Yext alternative that’s both cheap and convenient? Our Yext replacement service has an agency-friendly price and no ongoing fees.

We’ve eliminated the normal Yext hassles while still keeping costs low. You know, the ones that annoy you and leave you feeling powerless in your local elections? Those are the ones.

  • Enhance your control over the appearance of your listings.
  • Direct replacement for Yext, developed with the needs of agencies in mind.
  • Our team of citation specialists takes care of everything for you.
  • Take complete control of your listings from the beginning.
  • Removing duplicate entries and verifying their accuracy were both covered in the citation cleaning.
  • Pay a set amount upfront so you don’t go over budget.

Got a question regarding our citation building services in your area? Do you want to know more about the costs? Contact a citation expert by email, phone, or by scheduling an appointment.

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