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WordPress Hosting with A2 Turbo Hosting
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A2’s Turbo WordPress hosting is extremely fast. It does not only offer quick services, but also it is among the simplest hosting services for WordPress. Plus, it’s the most trustworthy. 

The perfect option for turbo hosting. 

Any solution from our web hosting is sophisticated, fast, and ready to use! Pick a high-speed kit that is customized to your specifications. 

Up To 20X FASTER Turbo Hosting 

Maybe you don’t know, but your host directly influences the output of your website. This is so because the loading pace of your web host is a big factor. Faster SEO pages, higher conversion rates, and lower bounce rates. Get the quickest lodging. Get up to 20X Quicker Turbo Hosted on A2 Hosting alone! 

Turbo Hosting Loaded with Features! 

First, we make your life better in just a few respects… 


A load delay of only one-second page affects your bounce rate, SEO classifications, your conversion rate, and finally, your final score! You won’t have to think about all of that when you chose to host A2 and our quick shouting SwiftServer site! Your pages are hosted on our speed-optimized servers with your choices of domain location and free SSDs, and our up to 20X faster Turbo Servers to boost website performance! AMD EPYC Servers with NVMEe drives are available in our Turbo Servers: 

  • CPU efficiency 40 percent quicker 
  • 2X First Byte Faster 
  • 9X More traffic can be managed 
  • 3 X Speeds for fast reading/writing 


Are you set to switch your website to A2 Hosting, but would you nervously transfer your website to our servers? Don’t be! Don’t be! Do not be! We can freely move your website in most situations. Only email our helpful support team 24/7/365 Guru Crew and inquire for your website to be moved! This is an uneasy exodus! This means that there are no more obstacles for you to use all our speed optimization tools on our platform! Do you not love your web host about time? 


We’ve been concentrated since our 2003 launch on installing the best versions of the most common development tools on your account. Old versions are still available in our repositories! Any of the software for production of your account includes: 


On average, 30,000 pages worldwide are hacked every day. Our continuous protection procedures allow you to stop being the next target! This is why your account offers free protection against HackScan to block hackers before they damage your website. Rebootless upgrades to the kernel, brute force protection, a dual firewall, and other security tools are in place to help keep the site safe by choosing A2 Hosting. Our reinforced DDoS protection increases even the odds that your site remains online during even the most advanced distributed denial of service attacks. 

Turbo Hosting – Experience The A2 Difference Today! 

Here are only a couple of the advantages of Turbo WordPress Hosting that make A2 Hosting the most popular! 

Turbo Servers Up to 20X Quicker 

This indicates higher SEO rankings, lower rates of bounce, and higher rates! 

Support with Guru Crew 

We are ready to help our friendly and professional team 24/7/365! 

Free Migration Account 

In most cases, our team will switch your website free to A2 Hosting! 

Guarantee Money-Back 

Take a risk-free attempt with our high-speed hosting facility! 

99.9% Uptime Commitment 

A2 Hosting is the host with which you can trust

Turbo Hosting – Industry Best Solutions 

Our purpose is not to earn rewards. Our purpose is to provide the best solutions for Web Hosting, both fast and highly reliable. Even we are very proud of the successes of our squad! Their diligent work has helped us achieve reputation and recognition as the leading hosting company in the industry since our launch in 2003. 


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