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Best WordPress Plugins to Level up your SEO Game in 2023

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 51% of website traffic comes from search engines. If you are a website owner, you need to optimize your site with the best WordPress plugins for SEO. Although the plugins do not guarantee first-page ranking, they help improve your chances of ranking high on search engines.

WordPress is SEO friendly and has several plugins that can help improve the SEO of your blog. However, most of the plugins perform the same work. You, therefore, do not need to install more than one plugin for the same function.

To help you select the best plugins, you need to understand the unique selling point of each plugin that you need. Here is a compilation of the best WordPress plugins for SEO in 2023.

1.      SEMRush

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO
Semrush – Online Visibility Management Platform | SWD

However, SEMRush has features that guide you to write optimized content and to beat your competitors. First, the tool helps you identify search terms and keywords that can help you rank high in search results.

Secondly, it has a competitive research feature for ‘spying’ on your competitor. The tool helps you understand what your competitors are doing (keywords they are ranking for) and reveals any marketing gaps in keywords that can help you beat them. Lastly, the too works well with Best WordPress plugins for SEO.

2.      Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner

The Google keyword planner is a free tool aimed at helping advertisers. The tool generates information that helps advertisers reap the most out of their ads on Google.

Google gives you access to keywords, search volume, search difficulty, and several results when you use the tool. The tool gives insight into the trend of the keywords over a period. The feature on trends can help you write relevant content (Google’s requirement for a site to rank high).

3.      Google Console

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO
How to Verify Your Website on Google » Google Console

Google console is a free SEO tool provided by Google to all website owners. It allows website owners to monitor how their site is performing on Google search. The tool provides essential information to help you optimize your site for a higher ranking. Information provided by google console includes technical status updates, search traffic, crawl data, search appearance, and educational resources.

You can integrate google console with MonsterIsights or Yoast SEO.

The SEO tools alert you if there are any optimization errors on your site, like crawl errors.

4.      Yoast SEO

Watch Full Guide on YouTube

The plugin has more than 2,000 reviews and a rating of 4 out of 5. Are you wondering why the plugin is so popular? Here are some of its top features:

  • Yoast SEO tool checks all the requirements of a well optimized site. It checks the length of your content, confirms that all images have an alt tag similar to the keyword, and ensures that you have a meta description.
  • The tool displays a green signal for the requirements that you have met. However, if you need to work on something, Yoast SEO displays an orange signal.
  • Yoast SEO helps to add social media images and open graph metadata to your articles.
  • The SEO tool generate xml maps which makes it easy for Google to crawl your site.
  • If you need to import SEO data from another plugin, Yoast SEO makes the process simple.

5.      All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO pack has a feature manager that allows beginners and web admins to use the tool.

You do not need any experience in SEO to use the tool. Users only need to know how to read and follow instructions on the fields to input the data.

The tool’s default settings provide the best WordPress for SEO experience, but you can alter them to suit your needs. As you gain more experience in SEO, you can use the advanced features of the ALL in one SEO Pack. 

The SEO tool helps to improve your website by allowing you to add meta tags and SEO titles with ease. The pack offers google analytics, image sitemaps, open graph meta tags, and XML Sitemap support. In addition, it helps to avoid duplicate content on your site.

6.      Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a valuable marketing tool that helps in monitoring competitors, checking backlinks, and conducting keyword research. Other additional features include finding guest posting opportunities, identifying unlinked mentions, and monitoring technical SEO issues.

For the best experience while using Ahref’s, understand the tool then use it daily. People who use the tool daily discover new features the more they use it. Checking the tool regularly guarantees timely reports, which, when worked on, guarantees more traffic to your site. Ahrefs offers a variety of possibilities for positive marketing outcomes.

Ahrefs has an ‘alert’ feature which, as the name suggests, sends an important notification, if requested, via email. Common notifications include alerts on backlinks, mentions, pages linking to competitors, and the performance of your keywords on your site.

By using the various features of the SEO tool, you can improve your current content by optimizing it. Ahrefs can also help you identify website content that needs updating. The tool reveals broken links, thus highlighting link-building opportunities.

Broken link checker
Broken link checker

If you have been running a blog for some time, you know some tasks can seem uphill. Links within your site play a role in your site’s SEO. If there are broken links, it influences user experience. To avoid a bad user experience, check your site for broken links (outbound and inbound links).

Broken Link Analyser reveals links that are directed to dead pages. If there are dead links from other sites, remove or redirect or reinstating the dead pages. Examine your site for links directed to harmful sites that could damage your SEO.

Just like with the keywords, you can ‘spy’ on your competitor’s links. If people are linking to your competitor’s dead page, redirect the links to your site by creating pages that are similar to your competitor’s.

The broken link checker is a free tool. Unfortunately, it is a resource-intensive tool, and it can slow down your site.

8.      All in one Schema Rich Snippets

Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets – WordPress plugin |
All in one Schema Rich Snippets

First and foremost, All in One Schema Rich Snippet support nine Schema content types. They include people, products, software applications, services, reviews, recipes, events, and videos.

If you need to change the snippets’ looks, strings, or feel, you can do it from the customization box. You can add prices below products, video/image next to descriptions, and star ratings under a review.

The Pro version provides advanced settings and automates the configuration of page markup. If you have several web pages, the automation makes it easy to optimize all your pages.

9.      SEOPress

SEOPress, on-site SEO – WordPress plugin |

SEO plugins help website owners set up a site that is ready for social networks and search engines. Unlike other WordPress plugins for SEO, SEOPress is lightweight and does not slow down a site. The premium version is pocket-friendly and allows you to use it on several websites.

The SEO tools appeal to expert and beginner web owners. It is easy to set up and has a range of features. Some features include Dublin core, structured data types, meta title, HTML Sitemaps, open graph support, Google News setup, google analytics integration, good for Woo-commerce, custom tracking, and advanced SEO options. Although the tool has similar features as Yoast SEO, its premium version is cheaper than Yoast SEO.

10. RankMath

RankMath is a competitive SEO tool that helps optimize your content for easy ranking on social media and search results. The plugin is good for gurus as well as beginners.

Rank Math - Best Free WordPress SEO Tools in 2021

The installation process is easy as it is a step-by-step wizard. For the best performance, the tool establishes the settings for your site. It also sets up webmaster profiles, SEO settings, and your social profiles.

To help you improve your site’s SEO settings, the tool gives you a preview of how the post looks on social media and SERPs. You can also add short descriptions, Open Graph metadata, and meta titles to your posts when using the tool.  It also displays Google console information such as keywords you are ranking for, indexing issues, and your sitemap status on your dashboard.

RankMath gives tooltips for all its features so that you can maximize them. The tool allows you to import data from other SEO plugins when setting up.

Other Productive Tools


The tool saves marketers time spent looking for keywords on Google’s autocomplete section. To use the tool, you enter a keyword then it generates over 500 autocomplete keyword suggestions. The suggestions come from search engines’ autosuggest feature.

The keywords suggestions are from Google, Bing, YouTube, e-Bay, Amazon, etc. Find the keywords by selecting ‘Questions,’ ‘negative keywords,’ ‘Related keywords,’ or filter by country, location, or language. The keyword tool gives additional information like the keyword search volume per day or month. tool is good for competitor research. Want to know which keywords your competitors use or how many times they use the keyword on a page? Well, input your competitor’s URL, then search.

12. WP Rocket

The load time of a website affects SEO. The best way to speed up your site is to enable caching. WP Rocket is a caching plugin that guarantees to boost the performance and speed of your site. Websites with fast load time enjoy increased conversion and improved search engine optimization. Fast load speed reduces your website’s bounce-back rate.

The setup is easy and fast, even for people without knowledge of programming. WP Rocket has an option where mobile website visitors can click on for the mobile responsive website.   

13. SEOquake

SEOquake is a non-invasive SEO tool with a ton of helpful data. If you subscribe, you find the tool on the top left-hand side of a web page. If you want to see the details provided, you expand the addon. The tool breaks down data such as backlinks, Alexa rank, density, page health, last updated, and site infrastructure in one place.

The SEO tool is an addon for Opera, Google Chrome, Safari Web, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. SEOquake has a domain comparison which is good for checking how and what your competitors are doing.

However, it is not easy to read the information provided by the tool because of its drop design. The data provided by the tool can be confusing to beginners, and there are no explanations about what the parameters mean.

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Extension WordPress |  Français
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Google analysis the time people spend on your site as an indicator of relevance. A lower bounce rate means website visitors find valuable content on your site, so they stick around longer. The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin displays content (posts and pages) related to what the online visitor is engaging with currently. The visitors end up spending more time on your site. A lower bounce-back rate improves your SEO ranking on Google.

15. Monster insights

Marketing is an art and a science. This means you need data to make the right decision and knowledge on how to use the data. When you have the right data, it helps you make decisions that improve your website’s SEO.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights has over 11millon downloads. The plugin displays your analytics in a simplified way within your WordPress dashboard. The report is inclusive and breaks down important metrics such as demographics, link tracking, and interest.  

It is easy to install the WordPress plugin on your site. The tool shows data in an easy-to-understand way and as detailed as you would want the data to be. The insights allow you to see the content doing well on the site, popular products, and where visitors are dropping off.  

16. WP Touch Mobile plugin

WP Touch Mobile plugin

In the first quarter of 2020, browsing on mobile platforms contributed to more than 50% of website traffic. Today, website owners do not choose to create a mobile responsive website if they want to enjoy traffic from mobile platforms. Online visitors are not patient, so they quickly move on to the next site if your site loads slowly.

The WPtouch Mobile Plugin can help you increase the speed of your site. It is easy to install and use. You do not have to change any codes for the plugin to work. After installation, you use the administration panel to customize your site for mobile view. WPtouch adds an elegant and beautiful mobile theme for you automatically. 

Plugins categorized as alt | SWD
SEO Optimized Images

17. SEO Optimized Images

To improve SEO ranking, you need to look at all aspects of your site and the content. Did you know you can use Google Image Search to improve your SERP?

Plugins such as the SEO Optimized Images guide you through adding SEO-friendly titles, and alt attributes to your images. The plugin helps you to save time and guarantees the right choice of attributes.

Final remarks

Every website owner wants their site to rank high. The best WordPress plugins for SEO tools make the site faster, display necessary data for higher ranking, alert you on SEO errors, and highlights SEO-related issues. The plugins are your eyes on the internet, and they provide timely, concise, and actionable information which can help improve your SEO. It is normal to start with the best WordPress plugins for SEO then keep using more as you advance. Whichever plugin you select, make sure you maximize its benefits.


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