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Though SEO as a whole can become a rather complicated technique, there are several steps that just about any small business owner can take to optimize his website and increase the chances of it appearing in organic search results. Most small businesses are locally-focused - that is, they cater to or offer their services to their local community. However, many small business website owners think "internationally" when it comes to search engine optimization. If you're a pizza restaurant in, does it really matter if web surfers in find you on page one of Google? By concentrating your search engine optimization on local efforts, you have a better chance of driving more targeted traffic. You may find that you currently do many of these things on your website, but with a little more focus, you can undoubtedly improve your techniques. Regardless of where you are in your current SEO strategy, all of these strategies are simple enough for any entrepreneur to use, and the results can be spectacular. So, to increase your local SEO, do the following changes:

Examine the Competition for Better Local SEO. A skilled marketer is aware of what is going on in his surroundings. You should routinely monitor your local competition to see what they are doing, offering, or delivering. This is not to say that you should be a copycat or a plagiarist, but you may learn a lot from what your competitors are doing. You may utilize this strategy to boost your search engine optimization by periodically checking to identify where your competitors' incoming links are coming from. You may be unaware of search engines, directories, and web rings. If your competitors are gaining attention on a website, it may be beneficial for you to do the same. This not only generates back connections to your own website, but it also guarantees that you have as much representation on the internet as possible and that you are exposing yourself to the local community through all accessible ways.

Consider the URLs of local websites. If your small business provides highly specific services, you may want to explore using various web addresses to benefit from local searches. At the very least, you could design separate landing pages for each location. Each of those URLs or pages should be SEO-optimized for the specific area, with locally relevant headlines, page names, and body copy. This will help to ensure that when someone searches for a specific location, they can find your business. Many searches will contain a specific location or region for example, "babysitters in New York City" whereas someone else may search for "Babysitters Brooklyn NY". You can service both cities, but if your content is just targeted for New York, you may miss out on Brooklyn searches. Correct this by building sites that are uniquely targeted to each city, area, or even neighborhood that you serve.

Improve Your Local SEO by Promoting Your Community. Obtaining and offering links to local businesses and organizations can significantly increase the number of individuals who reach your website through local searches. Many towns and cities have their own websites, as well as chambers of commerce and visitor bureaus. These are frequently excellent connection partners. Inquire with the webmasters about obtaining a link from their site, and also offer to link to various local businesses and groups from your page. While this strategy may be a wash in terms of "link juice," it does show Google which "neighborhood" you belong to, which can assist boost your local search engine results.

Examine the directories. Check the different online directories, including local 411 pages, to confirm that your company and website are correctly listed. Check that your phone numbers and mailing addresses are current, and that your company description is well-written and precise. Perform a Google search for your company's name. There's a considerable chance your company is listed in directories you're unaware of. While you're at it, look up your competitors' business names; if you discover them listed on other directories, do whatever it takes to get yourself included there as well. Many small businesses waste time and money on search engine optimization efforts that may not always result in relevant visitors. You'll have a higher chance of attracting targeted traffic and prospects who are more inclined to buy from you if you improve your local SEO.

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