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At Sleek Web Designs, we define your PPC search engine marketing (SEM) objectives and identify your PPC campaign KPIs. We also set up your pay-per-click campaign structure to attract new traffic to your website and minimize your PPC management costs.

Our pay-per-click advertising firm assists you in navigating the complexities of PPC and successfully integrating it with your SEO marketing efforts. Get the most out of PPC advertising by working with our pay-per-click management company.

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Create Eye-Catching Ads That Pay Off.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our PPC advertising business uses a wide range of technologies to better understand your clients’ search habits. Besides, it helps anticipate the terms they are most likely to enter into the search box. We select and classify your target keywords per industry relevancy, search volume, and competition. You can count on our paid search professionals to modify your keyword selection overtime to catch the attention and search intent of your target audiences.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

With the aid of our pay-per-click marketing company, you can increase the amount and quality of your leads. On your landing pages, we write compelling headlines, use high-performing keywords, construct engaging content, and include clear calls-to-action (CTAs). Our PPC business combines SEO and PPC best practices to persuade internet visitors to take the action they want.

Campaigns for Re-marketing

Remarketing allows you to better target particular visitor groups while also delivering better results at a lower cost. Our PPC management agency finds your best-performing campaigns, produces remarketing advertisements for high-value consumers, and targets site visitors who have already shown purchase intent. To decrease your marketing costs, we establish a frequency limitation for your remarketing campaigns that limits the number of times your PPC advertisements are shown to the same individual over time.

Amazon Pay-Per-Click

Maximize your Amazon earnings with Amazon product advertisements and video ads that attract the attention of online consumers. With our Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) ad management solution, we help you find potential customers and increase sales. Plus, we maximize your return on investment (ROI). Using our PPC advertising agency, your Amazon PPC campaigns are organized by product category. Additionally, your ad expenditure is adjusted according to the performance of the products.

PPC Administration

Connect with our pay-per-click agency to get instant, quality traffic to your landing pages without the headache. From keyword research and analysis to channel planning and PPC campaign launches to monitoring and pay-per-click ad A/B testing. Here, our pay-per-click management business can handle it all. Choose our PPC business for cost-effective conversion-driven ads.

Paid Search Marketing

Enlist the PPC services of our sponsored search agency to get your brand to the Google front page. Sleek Web Designs’s paid search experts can help you improve your ad targeting techniques, find high-value keywords, create PPC bidding strategies, and measure your ROI. Our PPC marketing agency can enhance your Star Rating, CTR, and impressions share using these techniques.

A/B Split Testing for Ads

Our pay-per-click management company creates campaign comparisons to evaluate the efficacy of your advertisements. Different variants of your page’s layout, picture, headline, and CTA are created by us to discover which PPC advertising version would produce the greatest results. Our PPC business uses the split-test findings to advise future PPC ads and enhance overall PPC effectiveness.

Advertising on Social Media

About 54% of web users use social networking platforms to do product research. Increase your brand awareness, cut your marketing expenses, and stay at the top of your prospects’ minds by using pay-per-click advertising services. You may use photos, videos, and texts to better reach your customers and engage them with your business with the help of our pay-per-click professionals.

Nextdoor Advertising

By utilizing Nextdoor advertising, our pay-per-click management firm can link your brand with local customers and boost sales. We take control of your Nextdoor company page, develop unique advertisements for your target audience, and set up a web page just for visitors coming from Nextdoor. Our pay-per-click experts also have an analytics and measurement system in place to track your KPIs and improve the performance of your campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Capture your target clients at the appropriate moment and in the ideal spot. Later, then take them to the bottom of the sales funnel. Conversion rate and Quality Score may be improved by using our PPC agency’s convincing PPC advertisements, tested landing page designs, and user-friendly lead collection forms. Call our paid search agency right now and we’ll show you how to boost your profit without increasing your ad budget.

Management of Bing and Google Ads

To increase traffic and online income, engage with your ideal consumers across search engines. Sleek Web Designs’s PPC experts conduct in-depth audits to guarantee that your products and services reach the right audiences. To increase engagement rates, we optimize your PPC advertisements for each platform, boost your SEM targeting, and use site link extensions.

Ads on YouTube

Make memorable YouTube commercials and engage with potential customers with a more focused YouTube video marketing strategy. Our PPC management firm investigates YouTube’s complex targeting possibilities. We set up video remarketing campaigns and add a surprise factor to your in-stream advertising. To reach your specific target demographic, we develop YouTube advertisements that engage communicate your story.

Work with a pay-per-click management service that gets results.

Why Sleek Web Designs’s PPC Services Are Better Than the Rest

Sleek Web Designs is a well-known pay-per-click agency dedicated to your success. Every pay-per-click campaign we handle benefits from our extensive knowledge and experience in the business. You can rely on us to devote our full attention to optimizing your online presence, from PPC audit and account set up to ad administration and campaign monitoring services.

Here’s what to expect when you work with our pay-per-click advertising firm:

A Comprehensive PPC Audit

Our PPC advertising business makes certain that all parts of your PPC campaign are in line with your objectives and comply with industry standards. We conduct in-depth PPC audits to identify potential campaign problems, change your approach, and improve your campaign’s performance. A team of paid search experts reviews your KPIs, account setup, remarketing tactics, and data to determine your return on investment (ROI).

Customer-Focused PPC Company

Our PPC advertising firm believes that we should own the voices of our clients, and we work hard to demonstrate that belief to the public. During our initial meeting, we’ll assess your company’s marketing objectives and current campaign results to make data-driven suggestions. We connect with your top management regularly and are available to talk about your PPC campaign plan whenever you want.

PPC with Multiple Locations

Is your company a multi-location enterprise that caters to a wide range of clients? Our PPC management business creates a multi-location PPC framework to maximize your ad budget and deliver customized PPC advertising to your target demographics. We arrange your PPC campaign by ad group and area, localize your callout extensions and site URLs, and produce customized ad copy.

Detailed Reporting

We monitor your online activity and campaign progress constantly as your specialized pay-per-click marketing company. We provide you with bespoke campaign reports that include your Google Analytics data, keyword rankings, and overall campaign performance. Your campaign will be monitored in real-time by our PPC management company’s client dashboard.

Google Premier Partner

Sleek Web Designs is honored to be included in Google’s exclusive Premier Partners program. An experienced group of certified Google Ads PPC professionals works for our PPC firm. They have a thorough understanding of digital marketing and industry best practices. Work with our PPC specialists to get effective Google PPC campaigns for your company.

Dedicated Pay-Per-Click Specialists

At Sleek Web Designs, we strive to simplify complex search engine marketing processes for our clients. Our pay-per-click company gives you a single point of contact for managing your PPC campaign and answering your inquiries. To cut costs, we act as your outsourced internet marketing department.


What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the abbreviation for this type of advertising. It’s a digital marketing strategy that sells you website traffic. Each time one of your advertisements is clicked on, you, as the advertiser, are charged a tiny fee. PPC advertising on search engines is by far the most prevalent kind of digital marketing today. PPC ad formats are now available on many more platforms, including social media behemoth Facebook. You may use search engine results, websites, and social media to advertise your business. PPC advertisements can include text, pictures, and even video.


Most of the clicks on search results pages come from ads that are specifically designed to appeal to a certain demographic. Users who click on sponsored advertisements are more likely thabuy a product or serservice than organic visitors ause they are more ready to make a purchase when they do so. With PPC advertising, your adverts are seen only by internet visitors who are specifically looking for your sort of business. This has the potential to have a big influence on your financial situation.

How much does a PPC campaign cost?

Using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising might be expensive, depending on the campaign. Depending on your industry, business type, and company size, you may incur varying costs. Each one of these factors has an impact on the cost of your PPC marketing campaign. It’s possible that pricing varies with the approach you’re implementing. On the other hand, expect to pay up to $5,000 per month for a small or medium-sized business.


Your PPC expenses must be determined depending on your bid, your targeting, and the quality of your ad. “Bid refers to how much money you’re willing to put up in exchange for someone clicking on your ad. You place a bid in an ad auction and the highest bidder wins, so you may spend less than you bid, but you will never pay more. Keywords you rank for and the demographics of your audience are just a few examples of targeting considerations.

The cost of doing business rises in direct proportion to how competitive you want to be. Bidding on a highly competitive term, for example, costs more since the cost-per-click is greater (CPC). Google also keeps tabs on the effectiveness of your advertising. If the quality of your ad is good, you’ll be able to keep your prices down since Google will prioritize your ad above those of your rivals.

You can figure out your PPC budget by taking all of these things into consideration and accounting for them.


PPC is a cost-effective internet advertising strategy that allows you to set a budget and change it as needed. Most significantly, you can specifically target your desired demographic, which is difficult with conventional advertising or digital marketing efforts. The information obtained from PPC campaign tracking data is priceless since it offers you a better understanding of your consumers’ behavior. PPC ads rank above organic results, giving you an immediate advantage over your competition and aiding your search engine optimization efforts.

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